BFA Show, 2015. SUNY Potsdam

Memory is Malleable.

Memory is Distorted.

Memory is Fiction.


Our memories are fragmented and distorted, broken pieces of the past. As we look back and recall prior experiences, we summon these hazy impressions and we suffer an inability to see these memories clearly. Our visual memories are not exact, photographic replicas of our experiences, rather they have been embellished over time and distorted by our life experiences that follow. As we recall the images of the past, they bend and sway and come in and out of focus. As time passes, we analyze and reconstruct our memories, perhaps merging multiple memories into one conglomerate mess.


In my series of digital paintings, I recall a series of my own personal memories that are scattered throughout my childhood. Some memories are stronger than others, yet all of them hold the same lack of clarity and have all been distorted over time. These memories are depicted as multiple overlaid images of the same form to illustrate that memories exist visually as a rapid succession of different points in time. In memories, the face is frequently the first thing we forget, so any human faces represented in my artwork are either covered or they simply do not exist at all, as they have been lost in time.


Among my influences are Archan Nair, the Italian Futurists, Jane Radstrom, and Horyon Lee. These artists all successfully depict movement and time in ways that I hope to reflect in my own work.